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 Nourish Your Family with

Fresh Wheat Berries Right From The Farm

Home milling made easy with delivery to your doorstep.


We provide families with farm-fresh wheat berries so they can mill better flour from home and make the best versions of their favorite recipes.



Choose Your Wheat

Balance taste with nutrition with our soft white wheat berries perfect for your family recipes.


Mill Your Flour

Your at-home mill + our wheat berries = the perfect match.


Live a Healthier Life

Have everything you need to bake fresh pastries, quick breads, and desserts at home.


 If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.

—Regina Brett


As small business owners with two young boys, we understand the challenge of balancing taste with nutrition.



Like you, we once bought our flour from the grocery store. But when we found that regular flour doesn’t hold a candle to the health benefits + taste of the freshly milled variety, we couldn’t go back to the regular stuff.

We’re third-generation farmers here to help you mill fresh flour from home with wheat berries straight from our farm in Ephrata, Washington.

Brush the flour dust off your apron and take a seat at our table. We couldn’t be happier to welcome you.